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Establishment of a nationwide after-sales service network
(in Korea)

We set the goal of corporate management as ‘customer’ and always conduct business with a customer-centered mindset. Based on these standards, Korea's only electric cart nationwide AS network is built and operated. In the event of an abnormality in the electric carts of about 13,000 women from 11 branches of hy Co., Ltd. and 543 branches, we are conducting nationwide after-sales service with the goal of promptly visiting the site within 24 hours of receipt and using it immediately.
A/S staff use a lift on site to repair parts so that they can be used immediately by replacing parts on the spot.
Occasionally, products that have not been repaired on site are sent to our factory for comprehensive inspection. We will send you an electric cart that can be used safely through general inspection and repair as well as for any abnormalities.

In addition to electric cart repair
The refrigerator in the cart can also be repaired.


A separate support department exists to facilitate the after-sales service process.

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